Spiffed up boxed butternut squash soup

Hubs wasn’t feeling a hundred percent the other day. I offered butternut squash soup for his aching throat and, while it sounded good, he wanted something more like chicken noodle…without the noodles. I figured, why not jazz up the butternut squash soup with the leftover chicken tenders from a few nights previous and the giant leek I had bought at the farmers’ market the day before.

It was a HUGE win. For both of us.


  • one box of butternut squash soup
  • chicken tenders cut into one inch cubes (or close to it)
  • one leek: green and ends removed, cut against the grain in half inch rounds
  • “pumpkin” spices: nutmeg, cinnamon, paprika
  • salt/pepper/oil

Pour the box of soup into a sauce pan and heat on low, stirring occasionally. I use Pacific brand soups.


Heat a dollup of oil in a saute pan and add the leeks. Make sure the rings of leeks are separated out so that they cook evenly. Meanwhile, rub the spices and salt/pepper into the chicken cubes. When the leeks are beginning to soften, move them to the outside edge of the pan and add in the chicken.


The chicken cooks quickly so keep an eye on it. Turn it when the bottom side starts to brown and the edges begin to whiten up. 



Et voila! Serve the soup and then add a hefty serving spoon full of chicken and leeks. It really adds something special to an already delicious soup. Perfect for a quick lunch.



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