The sickness!! (And foil-packet grilled salmon with mustard and tangelos)

Everyone in my family has been sick in one way or another at least a portion of but more likely the majority of the last two weeks. I was sick first (fever, lethargy, slight nausea, sore throat), then P (vomiting followed by fever and lethargy), then D (only a bit of fever a while back but now she has a weird rash all over her side), then hubs (throwing up followed by fever for five days) and finally our au pair (fever, extreme lethargy and nausea). It has been… “pleasant” around here. And only *I* seemed to have any appetite. All hubs wanted was carbs, carbs, carbs (to ease his belly). So cooking has been extremely limited. 

Right before everyone got sick, though, I cooked a few delicious things. The first was a super easy, grilled, foil packet salmon, corn and asparagus meal. 



At the farmer’s market I had picked up the most delicious looking filet of salmon. I wanted to use it that night (and it was the last night our old au pair was around before taking off on her month long US adventure) but I didn’t have much time after being outside playing with the kids all afternoon, so I went back to my old standby: foil packet salmon with mustard and orange juice. I had also found perfectly spring-y super thin asparagus and tangelos, my favorite kind of orange. With the addition of some supermarket corn (I had to keep on apologizing to our au pair that *this* corn was going to be her first experience with corn on the cob. I promised her over and over again that this summer I will introduce her to the way corn on the cob is supposed to be. Man, I cannot WAIT for some Morning Glory corn!), we had a meal!

Hubs got the grill going as I popped off the ends of the asparagus and put them in a bowl with olive oil, grapeseed oil, salt, pepper and a bit of balsamic. We did these first as they were going to take up most of the grill to feed five people (the girls, their friend and us). I shucked the corn and got the foil packets ready while the asparagus grilled.  Our salmon was so fresh that I had to de-bone the filet with pliers, too. Once deboned, I cut the salmon into individual portions so that the salmon could be served while still in the tin foil. Mostly for aesthetics 🙂

To prepare the packets, simply cut a piece of tin foil large enough to completely seal the juices in but also a little room above to tent it a bit so that it steams while it grills. Place the salmon skin side down in the center of the foil and then smother the flesh with a healthy spoonful of grain-y dijon (my favorite is the Maille; I like the way it pops in your mouth). Squeeze the juice of a tangelo orange over the salmon until there is a small pool around the bottom of the salmon. Seal that juice in with the foil packet. I usually fold in the sides and then pull the other side in, fold it and then crimp the edges.

Once the asparagus is done, throw the salmon packets on the grill with the corn. You don’t need to do anything to the corn except for shucking the silky hairs and outer leaves. Plop that sucker STRAIGHT on the grill. No oil. No butter. Just corn and grill. Let it get a bit of char. Once it starts to char a bit, squeeze on some lime juice.  

The salmon needs about 10-15 minutes on the grill. Because it is getting indirect heat by steaming AND grilling in a packet, it doesn’t easily overcook. And letting the orange juice caramelize a bit is AWESOME.




We keep our asparagus warm in the oven at 200 degrees while the other stuff cooks. When it is finished, plate and put a bit of balsamic glaze over the asparagus and a bit of grated parm over the corn. Put the foil packet on the plate and let your eaters discover the deliciousness themselves!



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