Caprese Salad with Lamb Sausage — A leftover lunch

There is something really fulfiling about eating a meal that is either 100% farmer’s market or from the garden. In a few weeks when my tomatoes come in, there will be more garden meals…but for now, I am 100% farmer’s market at today’s lunch. And holy moly was it delish.



I sliced the two leftover Prather Ranch Lamb Sausages lengthwise and dropped them flat into a hot pan. I sliced the mozzarella and tomatoes and arranged them, alternating, on the plate. I chiffonaded some basil from the garden and added a bit of balsamic glaze, fancy fluer de sel and pepper. When the sausage was cooked (having flipped it halfway through to brown both sides), I topped it with some spicy mustard. 

Fast and easy lunch…and using the ingredients from the zucchini ribbon pasta that I hadn’t finished up.  Yum.




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