How this begins…

The basics: As of this post, I have two kids under three years old (P, son, 32 mo; D, daughter, 16 mo) and an amazing husband (M). We also have living with us our new au pair from Italy (and for a short time our most recent au pair from Germany). My husband and I both work full time but I work from home and he is partially at home. I work odd hours and start my day at 530am and end usually about 330-4pm.

About six months ago I decided to make some major changes to my diet. I had forgotten to stop eating as if I were still pregnant or breastfeeding, having either been pregnant or breastfeeding for almost 30 months. I ballooned. I have always been around the same size, except for right before I broke up with my long-term college boyfriend (ya know how THAT goes…) and September 2012. I had stopped pumping for D that past April and just ate and ate and ate as if I still were. I hadn’t realized what had happened until I was going back to NY on a business trip and didn’t fit into ANY of my work clothes. I don’t weigh myself as a general rule. I don’t think it is productive. That said, I go by how I feel and how my clothes are fitting me. I am an athlete by nature and by build so clothes don’t often fit in my shoulders…this time they weren’t fitting in the belly. Oof.

After a teary weekend taking stock of this new body, in October 2012, I decided to replace one meal a day with a super healthy green smoothie/juice. I wasn’t getting enough green and that was the first issue I needed to address. I wasn’t feeling “well”.

Then, my husband made some New Year’s resolutions involving wanting to avoid loosely defined carbs for a few weeks, a few times a year. As I am the one who cooks our meals, I decided to join in…and then defined what “carbs” meant. He actually pretty much meant starch. We decided that starting the day after my birthday we would not eat pasta, potatoes, bread or rice for two weeks, only one alcoholic drink a week and only berries if we wanted “dessert”.  And we would have one cheat day on Valentine’s day.

Two weeks passed and we decided to keep on going…through the end of the month. The end of the month came and we decided to go until we left for vacation. Two months later and we are still going strong with no signs of stopping.

I feel amazing. I’m eating healthy, delicious food and my body is doing the things it needs to be doing again. I am not nearly as tired, I don’t need to eat nearly as much food, my skin is more clear and I have more bounce in my step. I can’t imagine going back (right now) to what we were eating before.

All of that said, we never really ate poorly. M just liked to snack on chips, I have a sweet tooth, I too often defaulted to a sandwich for lunch or a quick pasta dinner…and rice was culturally a major part of our diet. This way of eating has taken more planning and more creativity but I’m enjoying it.  We have a few food “issues” in our house so we work around those as well aversions and allergies (of varying severity):coconut (me), tree nuts (me), garlic (M) and beans (M)). We allow for unlimited fruit and veg, allow cheese and butter, and will add in whole grains on occasion (farro, quinoa, etc.).

And now I need a place to keep track of all of the meals that we enjoy…

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